Innovative 3D-printed bodyform full bucket seat by Porsche

Sales launch for innovative 3D-printed bodyform full bucket seat
  • In addition to its unique look, the new central section of the seat is its main innovation: parts of the cushion and backrest surfaces are produced using a 3D printer and are available in three different rigidity grades, meaning the seat can be customized to suit the customer’s specific needs.
  • Compared to conventional full bucket seats, the new seat is more than eight per cent lighter.
  • The outer skin of the seat is made of Race-Tex. The non-slip material offers plenty of support in the seat and the unique perforated surface enables improved passive ventilation.

The components are clipped together. This innovative joining technology means that the seat generates no emissions associated with adhesives.

With Porsche is giving series-production customers the opportunity to experience technology carried over from motor sports. In addition to an ergonomic fit similar to that found in motor sports, this seat also delivers a unique design, lower weight, improved comfort and passive climate control.

For simplicity and ease of explanation, below is the detail markup. We hope Porsche would not mind it. Standard shell design ensures the strength rigidity to meet the regulatory and performance requirement and modular portion is customizable based on Driver needs.

Extensive offering with some availability for the front passenger

The 3D-printed bodyform full bucket seat is available for all Porsche models that are offered with the conventional full bucket seat. The seat can also be retrofitted in vehicles that have already been delivered, and some models can even have the full bucket seat fitted on the passenger side. The assembly process takes just a few minutes at a Porsche Centre. Recommended retail price per seat is 2,677.50 euros in Germany.

3D-printed bodyform full bucket seat Availability details chart.

Model rangeDriver seatPassenger seat
Boxster, Cayman (981)xx
911 (991)xx
718 (Boxster, Cayman; 982;
produced up to and including week 47/2020)
718 (Boxster, Cayman; 982;
produced from week 48/2020)
911 (992)x