Audi Skysphere Concept: Spectacular Future Electric Roadster.

Audi unveiled Future Electric Roadster “Audi Skysphere” concept to present Audi present of tomorrow. This is the first unveiling of three in will upcoming concept vehicles Audi skysphere, Audi grandsphere, and Audi urbansphere. All three vehicles are designed for level 4 autonomous driving – meaning that in certain defined road and traffic situations, the driver can delegate complete responsibility to the car and no longer has to intervene.

As a result, the interior becomes human-centric and the centre of design. “Sphere” represents the space that surrounds the passengers to create an experience for them

Exterior Key Points

  • With 465 kilowatts of power and 750 Nm torque, 0 to 100 km/ h acceleration in 4 seconds.
  • The concept includes feasibility of varying the wheelbase and the exterior length of the car by 250 millimetres .
  • The vehicle’s ground clearance is adjusted by 10 millimeters to enhance comfort and driving dynamics
  • Concept takes inspiration from 1930’s Audi classic model Horch 853 roadster

Audi Skysphere Interior Layout

 With the capability of Level 4 autonomous driving, the interior becomes an interactive space and seamless digital ecosystem.

Control elements such as the steering wheel and pedals can be swivelled into an invisible position and thereby completely removed from the interior.

Seats are upholstered in sustainably produced microfiber fabric and, thanks to their variable position in the interior, offer the kind of freedom to move and legroom that can otherwise only be experienced when flying first class on an aeroplane. Headrests are fixed to the body that aligns its position with the Seat slide position. Traditional Seat architectures would need to do away to integrate to such styling definition.

Audi skysphere - Interior

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