Improved and spacious Nissan Roox set to launch on March 16.

Planned and developed  under the management of NMKV, “super-height” mini vehicle,  a joint venture of Nissan and Mitsubishi Motor,  NISSAN  is set to launch Nissan Days Roox  Kei Wagon Car on march 18 in Japan.

  • Features ProPILOT advanced driver assistance technology.
  • Equipped with a new millimeter-wave radar that gauges the status of preceding vehicles farther ahead, enabling smoother cruise control.

Comfort and convenience

  • Engineered to maximize comfort for passengers while securing plenty of room for luggage.
  • luxurious 795 millimeters of knee room for back-seat passengers.
  • The ceiling height above the rear seat is 1,400 millimeters.
  • With a floor length of 675 millimeters,
  • the trunk fits four 48-liter suitcases.
  • rear sliding door aperture of 650 millimeters
  • hip point of the front seats is 60 millimeters higher than in the previous model, resulting in a sweeping forward view.

Advanced safety technologies

  • a sensor can detect rapid deceleration in two preceding vehicles,
  • The Intelligent Forward Collision Warning system notifies the driver using an indicator and audible alert to reduce the risk of a forward collision.
  • Adaptive LED Headlight System (automatically switches headlights to low beam when a vehicle approaches, and then back to high beam)
  • traffic sign recognition (alerting the driver to “no entry” signs,
  • highway speed limits and stop signs),
  • Intelligent Driver Alertness, and
  • Front Vehicle Movement Alert.
  • adoption of Intelligent Emergency Braking using a millimeter-wave radar improves nighttime performance
  • Driver’s seat airbag system boosts protection of the legs.
  • The safety structure against side impacts has also been strengthened.
  • Automatic accident reporting system, the SOS Call7 feature comes standard across the Highway Star series.
  • This system allows the driver to make a manual call in emergency situations.

A quieter cabin and Zero Gravity seats, designed to alleviate fatigue, are among the many improvements that promise drivers and passengers a comfortable ride.  —NISSAN press release