Nissan to launch all electric Compact Car in Japan.

Nissan Imk Concept EV Vehicle

Nissan Motors Co. Ltd is expanding its electrified model line up by introducing a new all electric compact Car for Japan market. It will be on sale in early FY2022. In Japan Market, 30% of car sales are dominated by Kei or compact car segment. The stated vehicle size and a 20kW battery capacity, hints it be a compact Car and is aimed to meet daily travel needs in Japan.

No range information is available but considering a lightweight body and 20kW battery, car is expected to provide a range of 150~200km in full charge. Purchase prices is approximately 2 million yen that includes any subsidies from the government on electric vehicles. This will be the first all electric compact car in the category in Japan.

The vehicle can provide electricity from its battery to a home, and in emergencies can act as a mobile power source. This is a much-needed feature considering the recent environmental situations where EVs have provided great support.

This all-electric compact car is set to get all the latest Nissan advance technologies that include driver assistance. With a stated vehicle size 3,395 mm long, 1,475 mm wide, and 1,655 mm high, it is very much similar to the Nissan DAYZ car (3395/1475/1640mm). In Japan, Compact cars are very popular with young families with kids, and old people as they are ease to drive on narrow roads and traffic environments.

Compact or Kei cars in Japan are known for maximizing cabin space with a smart layout and with various seat functionality and features. considering the cost and optimization of interior space and features, kei cars are one of the best-designed cars in the automotive world at the moment.

No official images are available yet but in the 2019 Tokyo Motor show, Nissan presented the concept of Imk to the world. If it is as close to the concept of Imk, then Nissan certainly has a winner in Japan market.

NIssan all electric mini vehicle
Nissan Imk Concept Car presented in Tokyo Motor Show.

This all electric compact car is a joint venture between Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. The vehicle is planned and developed by NMKV Co. Ltd. which is a 50/50 joint venture between two companies. The vehicle will benefit from key features of Electric vehicle such as instant acceleration, smooth driving and quite cabin.

As stated in Nissan press release ” As part of Nissan’s broader initiatives to contribute to a sustainable society, Nissan is carrying out a Japan-focused electrification program called Blue Switch, within which it aims to tackle issues such as environmental load reduction and disaster countermeasures.”

With over 150,000 units of all-electric Nissan LEAF sold in Japan and 500,000 globally, along with a launch of all-electric SUV Ariya in Japan and the US market, Nissan is continuing to develop technologies and cover all segments with the launch of this new all electric compact car.

Nissan IMk Gallery for reference