Toyota RAV4 PHEV model launched in Japan

The RAV4 is the pinnacle of this brand, which paves the way for Toyota brand’s crossover SUVs. The new model RAV4 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) augments the superior performance of RAV4 by realizing the full potential of the plug-in hybrid system, while striving to be even more fun to drive.

Toyota City, Japan, June 8, 2020―Toyota has launched the new model RAV4 plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) through dealerships in Japan on June 8, 2020. Toyota officially announced that the new “RAV4” plug-in hybrid model “RAV4 ​​PHV” will be launched through dealerships in Japan on June 8, 2020. With an EV mileage of 95kmand a hybrid range of 1300km, the Engine produces the maximum output of 306ps and driving performance suitable for the top model is achieved.  This is the first time a Toyota SUV is equipped with a plug-in hybrid system.


The RAV4 is a crossover SUV that was very popular in Japan and overseas. With its first appearance in 1994 and the worldwide sales of 10 million units in April this year, In April 2019, the 5th generation new RAV4 is introduced. Newly built Architecture is based n TNGA(GA-K) platform. The powerful design, three types of 4WD systems, and the high driving performance and practicality of the benefits of the TNGA platform are highly evaluated. 2019-2020 Japan Car of the Year was also awarded and became a popular model both in name and reality.

Red stitching addition adds to styling premium

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